Hotel Bristol Warsaw

Warsaw can be a hectic destination. The juxtaposition of the old, new, and just plain odd often results in an experience best described as surreal. One could easily get lost attempting to define “quintessential Warsaw.” A quick investigation, however, will demonstrate that much of the city’s eccentricity is a direct result of its turbulent past. Prior to many of the formative events of the twentieth century, this was the undisputed “Paris of the East.”
Le Royal Meridien Bristol is, quite possibly, the best example of the splendour of Old Warsaw. Built in 1901, the Bristol had its heyday during the roaring 1920s. If the name sounds familiar you might recollect an unconventional English Marquis whose regal travels around the Old World are stuff of legend.
The Second World War devastated Warsaw and almost no structure of importance was left unscathed. The decades of Communist rule that followed 1945 were not great the greatest for the hotel industry. But soon after the fall, the Bristol reopened in 1993 - easily one of the city’s finest restorations.
The buzz this hotel enjoyed during its golden age is echoed in its halls today. Stay for a few days and you might find yourself bumping into celebrities and figureheads. The modern and the elegant gel effortlessly at the
Bristol. Choose from light and charming rooms, many with balconies, or treat yourself to a suite. The Bristol’s finest, the Paderewski suite, will satisfy the tastes of any jet-setting connoisseur.
One truly cannot say enough about this fine establishment. The amenities are ever-present, the style unique and the location second to none. The proximity to Warsaw’s Old Town as well as its City Center will allow the thrill-seeker and park-stroller alike to take advantage of all the city has to offer. So when your head starts spinning from attempting to grasp the city’s peculiarity, relax and retreat to your sanctuary of sophistication.

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